Welcome to jvgaffers.com website. BIOGRAPHY of the Photographer Joseph Vella Gaffiero was born in 1941 had a life-long interest in photography, nature, people and sports. In 1970 he was called upon to set up the National Museum of Natural History in Mdina, Malta, which he curated until his retirement in 2001. During the 31 year period with the Museums Department in Malta he was also responsible for the setting up of the Natural Science Museum in Gozo, the Children’s Museum in Sliema, Malta and assisted with the setting up of several other Museums in Malta and Gozo. His main interest in natural sciences is ornithology, on which he has written several scientific papers. In 1976 he collaborated with Dr. David Bannerman for the definitive work at the time in the book ‘Birds of the Maltese Archipelago’ As a photographer he has been active since the mid-1950’s when his parents gave him his first Kodak Brownie Camera. A couple of years later he acquired a second hand Rolleiflex and became very keen on photographing sporting events. In 1964 he went on to single lens reflex camera with the Minolta SR1, that same year he bought a 400 mm Soligor lens and a year later bellows for macro photography. In the late 80’s he moved to Canon before going digital with Fuji Finepix in the late 90’s. He now uses both the Canon 350D and the 400D cameras with lenses ranging from 28mm up to 500 mm. Most of the photographs on this website have been taken on the Island of Gozo, which is the second largest Island in the Maltese Archipelago, but a few others have been taken on the Maltese mainland and/or in the European continent. As yet all the photographs on this website are those taken in a digital format but he later hopes to produce another website with earlier photographs of travels in the Middle-East, Sothern Africa and North America.
Welcome to jvgaffers.com

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